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Asbury Park Little League has been a part of the Asbury Park Community since 1955. Nearly 70 years of service to the community of Asbury Park through good times and challenging times, Asbury Park Little League and always been there for the children and families that make up the Asbury Park community.

The local volunteers and coaches that commit their time and energy to support the youth of Asbury Park and the Asbury Park Little League program have been there every year since the program began in 1955. Making a difference in the lives of the children that these players can take with them as they begin their journey through life. We would like to believe that their experience during their time playing baseball in Asbury Park has had a positive impact on the way they look at life and the decisions they make.

In addition to the volunteers and coaches, the generous donations that come from individual contributors, local businesses, charity organizations, foundations and team sponsors provide the Asbury Park Little League with the means to run the league. Without these donations and sponsorships we would not be able to deliver on our promise to the children of Asbury Park.
Another important ingredient to the value that Asbury Park Little League has to offer is made possible by the local government and the schools in and around Asbury Park. This includes the City of Asbury Park Mayor and Council, the departments that support the community including the Fire Department, the Police Department, the Recreation Department and others that all pull together for the children of Asbury Park. Not just for Little League, but for every youth program that operates within the city.
The Asbury Park School District as well as the Charter and religious schools also play a critical role in collaborating with Asbury Park Little League, as they are directly connected to the children of Asbury Park on a daily basis. This alignment and collaboration are critical to our mutual interest in helping the children of Asbury Park.
The collaboration between the organizations in town was demonstrated last year in the first ever Asbury Park Little League Parade which included participation from many of the organizations that support the children of Asbury Park and have a stake in the community.
The children and the families are the focus of our purpose. The participation of the families in support of the program are essential to our ability to deliver on our mission. The parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters, neighbors, friends near and far are essential to the formula to our success.
There is something about Asbury Park Little League that is special. Perhaps there is some ingredient of the allure of the musical history that follows Asbury Park, that was here even before Bruce Springsteen made his mark on the city.
Asbury Park and Asbury Park Little League is something that people just want to be a part of. Helping the children of Asbury Park seems like the right thing to do. We believe that the Asbury Park Little League Program is part of the enduring value of the city and we will continue to live up to the expectation set by those who came before us and prepare the youth of Asbury Park for the challenges they will face in the future…and there will be many.


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